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Why localization is essential for entering Indonesian market?

Posted by Admin on 2017-01-31 15:17:55

Why localization is essential for entering Indonesian market?

Entering new market is never an easy task. There are limitless challenges awaits you in the corner. Especially if you are planning to crack on Indonesian market, with its own uniqueness and challenge.

With vast regions and juicy demography dominated with young population, Indonesia is undeniably the most important market in Southeastern part of Asia. If you can crack Indonesian market, it goes without saying that you might not need to expand your business regionally.

Among many aspects of your attempt, localization is considered one of the most important aspects. Here is the reason why.

1.       Most Indonesian do not speak English

Even though ranked on 32th of 72 countries in English proficiency, according to Education First Index, most Indonesian do not speak English. Bahasa Indonesia, as the national language, is indeed the most spoken language. But hundreds of languages and dialects are spoken throughout the country. To bring your product closer to the consumer, it is always a good idea to reach them in their everyday life, in the language they understand.

2.       A form of reaching out to local clients

Believe it or not, localizing your product to the local language is the best way to show that you care and respect their culture, uniqueness, and traditions. You are not only expanding your business, but also put your product in more competitive spot in the market. After all, most consumers are more comfortable with products presented in a language they know.

3.       Benefit for your marketing

Marketing campaign is indeed important to put your product ahead the pack of competitors. However, your efforts are useless if your target audience could not get the message you convey. Imagine having to see all the time and effort you put on the campaign go into the drain just because people are not getting it!

Localization is the key that distinguish a truly successful product from the good one, and it is no different when you are aiming to make a breakthrough in Indonesian market.