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Price of Trust in Language Service Business

Posted by Admin on 2017-02-02 15:12:26

Price of Trust in Language Service Business

Language service business is no different with other field of service industry, it depends on solving client’s problem. And yes, amidst tight deadline and crazy pile of works, it is easy for those working in this field to slightly lose sight of this. And one could argue that trust is one of the most important thing in maintaining relationship with clients.

Years of work in localization industry will introduce you to literally any kind of clients. In general, clients want you to help them reduce workload they have. Regardless of their profession and positions, they need to trust you to take care of their needs.

Gaining and maintaining trust of your clients take efforts and persistence. It is never an easy task, but with certain strategy and approach, you could take a smart way on how to manage trust of your client.

Some suggestions on establishing trust:

1. See things through the eyes of clients

So a client’s project arrived at your desk. Here is the irony, consult them and cut some unnecessary part of the projects. Recommend more effective way to get their projects done with less money.

This might result in less revenue to your company, but it increases your company’s credibility and it increase your company’s credibility and you can guess, your client’s trust. But of course, it has to come on the balance between your capability as professional and the client mentality.

2. Proactivity

Doing what’s expected is a given thing in this industry. But being proactive and giving suggestions for the improvement of your clients is a way of being stand out in the game. It reflects the mindset of the company to put their client in focus in every project. Just be proactive and see how it could build trust from your client.

3. Flexibility

Being flexible in handling a client is a good way to gain trust. Usually, client has their own preference and system. Ignoring this fact would do more harm than good. A professional person in this field would try to accommodate these preferences and being flexible in working with their client.

If you are success in gaining trust from your client, they could spread the word to other prospective clients down the road. It is a good long-term strategy to ensure your success in language industry. Ultimately, trust pays good dividends.


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