Speequal Language Solutions

Speequal Language Solutions

SpeeQual is a language service company which was established in 1998 and until today we have been providing high quality translation by recruiting only translators who combine extraordinary linguistic talents with specialized knowledge of technical and non-technical subjects.

Our Philosophies are Speed, Quality and Solutions

  • Speed defined by our fast response
  • Quality defined by providing the high quality translation
  • Solution defined by our wish in trying to always give what clients need

If you ever dreamed of claiming Indonesia, Malaysia and Vietnamese as your next potential market, you will find SpeeQual as a perfect partner to make your dream come true. We assist our customer with trustworthy product localization and high quality document translation. With 16 years of experience, we are getting better in understanding our customer needs and able to provide services that deliver our customers the market they always dream of.

We always provide you a TEP (Translation, Editing and Proofreading) process in every translation task to ensure the best-in-class quality of the result.

SpeeQual – Speedy and Qualified Language Solutions for you!

Why us

Meet us! SpeeQual Language Solutions! We put TEP process as our main principal to achieve the high quality result for our beloved customers.

We invite you to come anytime to our office, witness our daily workflow in handling your project and you will see how serious we put your satisfaction as our main concern.

Affordable Solutions

Translation business has been picking up its phase nowadays; the wave of low-cost offers has become a trend in the market. However, we do not sell the price. We sell our quality, our fast response, our reliable team, and our TEP workflow to ensure that you will find us as the best solution for your translation needs. To prove that we are serious with our business core we are willing to have a head-to-head competition with our competitors in term of quality and reliability.

Time is money, time is everything. We are always prompt in responding our customer's inquiries. Your email is treated like whatsapp message for us. Once we receive and read it, we will reply it. Our Project Managers shall response your inquiries responsively, even outside business hours.

Value of time

Fully Customized Solutions

Every customer has their own preferences and we put our best to make every single result met the preferences and needs that our customers want.

We never stop to polish the quality of each of our works. Thanks to our workflow, we are able to work efficiently and reduce work redundancies. Thus it ultimately saves time and we got more time to improve quality of our work by editing and proofreading.

Quality works

Large Project Handling

With 40 In-house linguists and more than 300 freelancers, we are accustomed to handle large projects. Through the use of Computer Aided Translation tools, complete and up-to-date Translation Memory and project references, integrated network and infrastructure, and robust project management, we manage to keep consistency in our projects with notably rapid process.

In all situations, we always put customer's perspective first. Our project managers will always be contactable in case you have any inquiries or issues regarding the project. If person in charge for your project is unavailable at the moment, we always have back up to handle your request.