Translation & Localization

To fulfill your language needs, we provide you with services that suit your business needs. Each service is unique per customer and tailored to meet your expectations. For every translation project, we apply 3 processes: Translation, Editing and Proofreading. It is our standard procedures for all translation projects to enhance the quality and warrant customer satisfactions to our services.

In case you have done your translations beforehand and would like our assistance to re-check your translated files, we are glad to help you to get it done. We always do precise editing and leave some sound remarks to increase your translation quality in the future.

We proudly present our workflow as follows:

  • Pre-Processing
  • Translation, Editing & Proofreading (TEP)
  • Quality Assurance (QA)
  • Document Layout & Fixing (Desktop Publishing)
  • Language Sign Off (LSO)

Pre-Translation Project definition, file analysis, data preparation, kick-off meeting, terminology management, leveraging with translation memory, preparation of reference materials.

Employing modern translation technology (using CAT tools), with integrated terminology management. TEP process is implemented all time to ensure the high quality translation result.

Machine-assisted QA using checking tools.

Convert back all the documents to its original format and align entire asset if needed.

Ensure everything is fine (language, terminology, formatting & layouting) as the final document which ready to be sent.

Manual Translation? No way. We always use CAT tool to make our work more efficient which will give benefit for our customers.

Desktop Publishing

Sometimes you have some compound files that require some translations but you are lacking in team of experts to handle document layout. We are here to help you dealing with it. We are happy to do both translations and document re-layouting in order to preserve the actual format of the document.

To give clients flexibility when requesting layout works to us, we always ready to provide the best service with our latest DTP softwares as follow:




Web, html, xml




Indesign CC 2020

Illustrator 2020

Dreamweaver CC

Photoshop 2020

Final Cut Pro X 10.5.2

Cinema 4D R25

Solid PDF Converter

Acrobat Pro DC

CorelDraw 2020

Oxygen XML Ed. 21

SketchBook Pro

Audacity 3

Maya 2022

Adobe Premiere 2020

Sound Forge Pro

ArchiCad 22

Office Mac 2019

Adobe Audition 2020

Autocad 2021

Enfocus Pitstop Pro v19

Adobe Animate 2017

Adobe XD CC 2019

After Effect




Web, html, xml




Framemaker 2019

Illustrator 2020

Robohelp 9

Photoshop 2021

Final Cut Pro X 10.5.2

Cinema 4D R23

Solid PDF Converter

Indesign CC 2017

CorelDraw 2019

Dreamweaver CC


Audacity 3


pdf2ID 3.0 (plugins CS5)

QuarkXpress 9

Freehand MX



Sound Forge Pro

ArchiCad 15

OmniPage 19

Acrobat Pro DC

Stylus Studio 2008

Adobe Audition 2020

Director 11

Adobe Premiere 2020

Corel Ventura

Autocad 2016

Sothink SWF Dec.

Office 2019

Arbortext Editor 8.1

Oxygen XML editor

Sound Forge10

Windows XP sp3 Middle East/Arabic

Indesign CS5 ME

Enfocus Pitstop Pro 8

AutoPlay Menu Studio3

Axure RP 8


Multimedia service is also a part of our job. If you need help to record your training materials, instruction materials or any other documents, we can help you by providing a recording service in high quality result.

Since 2008, we have been providing recording services to giant companies like Mazda and Honda. In 2015, together with Green Sun (a localization company in Vietnam), we completed an enormous project from NEC Japan to record daily conversations for a software database. 1,000 people with various background took part in this project and we completed it in only 3 months.

Any recording services you need, starting from tight-budget recording projects using simple home recording studio to professional recording projects using professional recording studio, just drop the inquiry to us, we are ready to help.


Whether you have your internal short video materials, one or many of them, and struggle with the meaning of the videos, send to us the videos so that we can make your life easier by subtitling service that we provide to you.

We work with professional subtitlers. No need to worry about the quality. We provide one-time trial service for you to assess our service quality before we make a deal for your projects.


Sometimes, transcription looks like a piece-of-cake job to do. You only need to hear someone’s voice in the audio and just write everything as it is. However, be careful with the fact that if the one who transcript is not a native speaker!

We only provide native transcript writers to make sure your work is handled seriously and to avoid work redundancy.


Have you ever ordered a translation service for your brochure, catalogue, flyer or any marketing document but the result does not meet your expectation? Surprisingly, the translators or the translation company claims what is written in the target language is already correct! Probably they are correct in term of translation without thinking further about the copywriting.

For us, translation style depends on the purpose of the document itself. If it is for marketing purpose, we will treat it in a special way with a copywriting service. In this case, our task is not only translating the document but also helping our customers to sell their products.

Leave your marketing documents to us. We will do the copywriting to make sure your documents attract the customers!

Introducing our brand new company, Sarang Wisdom!

At Sarang Wisdom, we provide specialized soft skills training programmes that can help improve your skills and enhance your team’s performance. With a team of professional trainers, we can help you overcome barriers and reach your goals. Want to know more? Just click HERE.

Custom Company Software Development

You need a scalable software to support your enterprise. It will improve your probability of growing and being succesful. You can optimize our two decade-long experience on building an enterprise software solution that solves a-one-department problem or even in a whole company. Our latest upgrade on technology such as blockchain and data analysis will create the best software to run your company.

Web Development

Your website is your 24-hour-salesperson. It is representing your company and your identity. You’ll need the best website that is responsive, good-looking, and intuitive for your customer or target market. With 10 years of experience in working on helping our client to represent their company, our expert team of development will create the best website possible for you.

Custom Android/iOS Apps Development

You will need an app that will bring your goals closer to you. The fact that mobile phone is how people being active and interactive in this era is a sign that you need app that can deliver your idea and service to your customer or client. With our expertise in creating apps for specific market and target, your company can be closer than you think with your target.